Dobermann DCM Genetest
Research project of the TiHo Hannover


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to the initiators and supporters of this project

When will this test be expected?

Because this test is basing on a complex method depending on different factors, it cannot be predicted, when this test is going to be available. For example, it is also crucial, how fast a certain number of blood samples are handed in.

Can we also send samples from hair, teeth or tissue biopsies?

No, hair and teeth cannot be used, only tissue or fresh blood. The fresher, the better!

Which diagnosis and screening documents should be send apart from those concerning heart and HD/ED-diseases?

Please send all screening documents and diagnosis of chronic diseases like hypothyroidism etc.

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When sending blood samples please do NOT use the gerenal form. Use the special Dobermann form instead, which can be found on this site under