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Research projekt DCM in Dobermans

DCM – Dilatative Cardiomyopathie is a progressive disease, which leads to deterioration of the heart function. The consequences of the strongly diminished heart efficiency in affected dogs are death including sudden cardiac death.
DCM occurs in different dog breeds such as Irish Wolfhounds, the Great Dane, Newfoundlander, Boxer and Doberman more exhibiting varieties in the inheritance pattern as well as IN the course of disease.

At present there are only conventional tools (X-Ray, ultrasound of the heart and long-term-ECG) to diagnose a DCM. Furthermore, there are many unsettled issues concerning the inheritance pattern. Basing on the fact that a range of different genes are involved in the development of DCM, a polygenic inheritance is assumed.

The aim of this project is the analysis of the DCM inheritance pattern especially in Dobermans, the detection of the defective regions in the genome causing DCM and - basing on the findings- the development of a genetic test for DCM.

To achieve this aim we explicitly need help from breeders and owners of Dobermans. By sending a blood sample of your dog you enable the project to start and keep the search for the DCM-causing genes running.

In our FAQ we have answered all important questions concerning this project.

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